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Agro Marialinda, S.A. has been in the Ornamental Plant business since 2004. It started with a small Croton propagator, and today we have a greenhouse of over 11,000 square meters with Croton AFD5, AFD7, Banana, Gold Dust, Gold Star, Icetone, Mammy, Norma, Petra, Pictum, Red Batik, Sunny and Aglaonema Silver Queen.

Finca Maria Linda is located in the department of Escuinta, on the southern coast of Guatemala. It is a warm region with a good rain regime, and rich soil. Located just 132 km. Guatemala City.

We count with highly qualified staff to ensure our costumers a strict control in production, cutting and handling for export of our tips, with competitive product prices.

“Our phytosanitary controls, fertilization and irrigation allow us to have today a healthy plantation”
Eduardo R. Castañeda M. – General Manager

All our plants are exported rooted, unrooted or tips.

The available sizes are 6-8 in., 8-10 in. and 10-12 in., depending from the costumer needs. If you need a special order, you can contact us.

Maria Linda offers Aglaonema Silver Queen. We share the passion for growing ornamental plants, the desire to innovate and serve our costumers quality products with a fast and personal service.

At Agro Marialinda, we dispose all of the chemical bottles in a separate container, which is managed by Agrequima. They collect all of the containers from all of the farms, promoting an ecological mindset for the farmers across Guatemala.