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Croton: Codiaeum variegatum

A member of the Euphorbiaceae family, this native plant to Malaysia and Eastern India, is one of the most colorful evergreen shrubs. Extremely adaptable to exterior gardening, it has been praised for the beauty of its leaves and the range of colors it presents: from yellow and green, to orange and bright red. This garden croton needs to be placed in a very bright area, so it’s colors increase their intensity. If you keep it indoors, make sure you place it in a well lit environment, so its colors won’t fade away. The lack of lighting will make the colors fade and accelerate the defoliation process. Agro Marialinda exports Croton in tips (cuttings), stranded, grounded and shaped layers. Its measurements are 6-8 in., 8-10 in. and 10-12 in. All of our plants are high quality and share our passion for quality and excellence.